5 Basic Steps For Hot Tub Cleaning

Spending time relaxing in a hot tub can quickly become an important part of your routine.

Like other large investments, such as a car, boat, or house, hot tubs require regular care and maintenance.

Regular hot tub cleaning for your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub can enhance performance, increase longevity, and prevent damage to the system.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. If you’re uncertain about an aspect of your hot tub, play it safe and call a professional.

Our team of highly-trained hot tub service and repair technicians would be happy to look at your spa system. Simply request a servicing appointment today to get started.

5 Practical Steps To Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Let’s check our practical steps for hot tub cleaning...

Step 1: Create a Hot Tub Cleaning Schedule

Remembering to maintain your hot tub is often easier said than done. Creating a hot tub cleaning schedule can help to ensure that the maintenance is performed regularly.

Having a plan will also help you to keep track of what cleaning procedures were completed and when.

First, determine what needs to be cleaned, how often it should be done, and any specific products or methods that should be used.

Once you have a clear idea of what cleaning your hot tub requires, you can create an effective plan! For the best results, mark it on your calendar or schedule alerts on your mobile devices.

Step 2: Draining Your Hot Tub Water

Draining your hot tub water several times a year gives your spa a fresh start. Before you drain the water, you might want to consider flushing the lines. Flushing the lines can help to remove mold, bacteria, and other organisms from your hot tub system.

Your spa runs at a temperature that creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and thrive in, which is why sanitation is so important. You can purchase specific chemicals for flushing the lines from Eden Spas online, or visit us in store today for all your hot tub needs!

Now, it’s time to drain your hot tub. Start by turning off the power, to prevent any damage to your hot tub system.

Your hot tub should have come with a series of specific instructions for draining the water effectively. Usually, draining your hot tub will include the use of either a drain plug or sump pump component.

Unless it otherwise specifies in your instruction manual, you should empty your hot tub completely – especially if flushing the lines results in a cloudy discharge throughout the water.

Step 3: Cleaning Your Hot Tub – Inside and Out!

Now that the water has been removed, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start cleaning! Grab some rubber gloves, your hot tub cleaning products, and a rag or sponge. Use your cleaning materials to clean the shell of your hot tub, from top to bottom.

Next, remove and meticulously clean your hot tub filters, to ensure they are working effectively. You can use your garden hose to spray your filters down, to remove residue. Use the appropriate cleaners, as advised by an Eden Spas hot tub specialist, to clean your filter accordingly.

Alternatively, you can always run your hot tub filter through a cycle in the dishwasher for squeaky-clean results.

While cleaning your hot tub, you should keep an eye out for any problem areas. If you notice anything suspicious or concerning, schedule a servicing appointment right away.

Step 5: Refill. Treat. Repeat.

Now that your hot tub system is clean and sparkling, it’s time to add new water! It’s important to review the specific instructions designated for your spa system, but often the water will run through the filter first.

Insert the hose inside of the well where your filter housing is located, so that it runs through the filter before entering the tub. You can turn the hot tub back on now so that the water runs through the system accordingly.

Depending on the specifications of your spa, the chemicals you are using, and what your hot tub specialist advises, now is when you will treat the water with hot tub chemicals. The most common chemicals will consist of:

  • Shock agent
  • Sanitizer
  • pH balancer

You should be sanitizing your hot tub on a weekly basis, cleaning it monthly, and draining/refilling it 3-4 times a year.

It’s also beneficial to clean your hot tub cover about once a month as well, which can help to enhance its longevity and durability.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub With Eden Spas

Keeping your hot tub clean can help to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Unsanitary hot tubs can lead to skin irritations, rashes, bacterial infections, and other health risks.

To learn more about hot tub safety, and long-term maintenance, contact the experts at Eden Spas today!

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