How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

Are you struggling to keep your hot tub filters tidy and clean? This article features various methods, which will help you get things done, the right way. Each of the following methods will give you different results, so it’s really up to you to decide which method meets your particular needs and situation. There are many different hot tub models out there, and some respond to certain methods better than others.

Rinse With Water

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to clean up your hot tub filters is to simply rinse them with water. Put them in a sink or use a hose for the best results. The benefit of this method is that you will not be introducing any new chemicals into the process.

If you are concerned about using too many chemicals in your cleaning, rinsing is a very effective method, which is also speedy and time-efficient for most spa filters. For excellent results, you could do a quick rinse once a week. This is particularly recommended for those who frequently use their hot tubs, as debris and other residues, such as hair and dirt, tend to accumulate quite quickly.

Use a Filter Cleaner

For a more precise cleaning approach, you can purchase a dedicated cleaner, which is perfect for the purpose, as this is the reason why it was designed in the first place. Some commercial spa filters come in a spray bottle format, and others come in different containers, requiring a dilution method, for example, is mixed with water before use. This method is perfect if you are looking for a more thorough approach to cleaning your filters. While rinsing with water is a great way to quickly keep your filters clean once a week or so, using a dedicated cleaning product is great for when you are looking to deep-clean your filters and give them some extra care.

Soaking Your Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub filter cleaning chemicals are also perfect for a soak application: simply dilute the cleaning products with water (every product will certainly offer some specific directions) and submerge the filter within the blended mix of water and filter cleaning products. You can simply let it soak overnight or over a 24-hour time span. To ensure that all the chemicals are removed and avoid releasing foam in your hot tub, make sure to rinse the filters are thoroughly rinsed with water after soaking! If you have a spare filter, you can even use it while the other is being cleaned, so your hot tub will still be fully operational, even as you are cleaning the filters.

Whatever method you choose, it is very important to remember to avoid regular household cleaning products, including laundry detergent, car wash chemicals, dishwashers, dish soap, or most household-grade soaps, which will damage your filters. Another great thing to remember is that although you can keep your filters clean with proper maintenance, it is always nice to replace them at least once a year to prevent being stuck with a worn-out, ineffective set of filters! For more information about filters for your hot tub and how to clean them or repair them contact our experts at Eden Spas in Prince George!

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