Our Favourite 6-Person Hot Tubs

When you’re looking for hot tubs, it’s important to research all the types of tubs available.

Selecting the right hot tub will not only ensure that you’re happy with your investment, but also that you use your hot tub.

For the people who want to invest in a 6-person hot tub, Eden Spas has made a list of our favourite models.

The J-475™ for Versatility

The J-475™ can hold up to six people, which makes it a great asset for activities of all sorts. What separates the J-475™ from other hot tubs is the versatility it offers. If you’re looking for a hot tub that can not only accommodate but also impress all of your guests, then look no further! Besides its large capacity, the J-475™ also has:

  • 55 total jets
  • Lounge seat
  • Customizable exterior
  • ProClarity™ filtration system

If you’re interested in learning more about the J-475™, please click here!

The J-LXL® for Capacity and Minimal Cost

The J-LXL® made by Jacuzzi is a hot tub that can fit up to six people. It holds 390 gallons of water so there’s plenty of room for everyone at full capacity.

Compared to the J-475™, the J-LXL® is at a lower price point. This tub is great for people who want to accommodate all of their guests but still offer a relaxing experience.

The J-LXL’s® other features include:

  • 38 total jets
  • Lounge seat
  • Customizable exterior
  • LED perimeter lighting

The J-585™ for Large Groups

The J-585™ can seat up to seven people and is one of the largest tubs on the market.

What it lacks in a lounge seat, it makes up for with seven comfortable and ergonomic seats for upright sitting. No one will feel left out when you host a party!

It holds a total of 440 gallons of water, meaning that at full capacity, there’s still plenty of room for everyone. Its other features include:

  • 52 total jets
  • Two primary pumps
  • Customizable exterior
  • Robust, water purification, and filtration system

The J-365™ for a Luxury and Affordability

Another one of our favorite hot tubs for larger groups is the J-365™. It can hold up to seven people, but for the fraction of the cost as other tubs. The J-365™, though it costs less, doesn’t compromise on features and luxury.

It holds 440 gallons of water and includes a Water Rainbow® waterfall for ultimate relaxation. Other features include:

  • 44 total jets
  • An LED lighting system
  • Seven ergonomic and spacious seats
  • Four headrest pillows

If you’re interested in learning more about the J-365™, please click here!

Visit Eden Spas for Your New Hot Tub

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We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have gained throughout the years and would love for you to come to look at our showroom.

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