3 Signs You Should Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

Are you taking the best care of your hot tub possible? Your hot tub is a significant investment in your home, lifestyle, and quality of life. Taking proper care of it with regular cleaning and the right accessories is imperative. A hot tub cover is an essential asset when it comes to the maintenance of your hot tub. However, if you don’t take good care of your cover, you might find that it needs to be replaced sooner than expected.

Read on to learn more about the tell-tale signs that might indicate your hot tub cover needs to be replaced and explore a few tips to increase the durability of your spa cover.

1. Feels Heavy

At times, hot tub covers can become rather heavy, due to the accumulation of moisture, dirt, and other debris over the years. This can happen if the cover isn’t properly maintained, is older, or has a few rips and tears.

When the material rips, or simply wears down, this provides moisture with an opportunity to get inside the cover and accumulate. At first, you might notice that your cover feels significantly heavier than when you first purchased it, and it might even have a pungent smell too.

2. Strong Odour

Always beware of a foul-smelling hot tub cover. The smell might be an indication of mold and bacteria growth inside the cover, which might go on to affect the safety of your water. It is always recommended to dispose of a hot tub cover that has a strange smell, as merely cleaning the exterior won’t help resolve the deeper issue.

As mentioned above, the smell most likely is due to a build-up of moisture inside the cover due to tears or deteriorating material. It’s recommended to leave the existing cover on the hot tub until you’ve purchased a new one and brought it home. Taking off the cover can expose the spa water to the elements and cause the system to work even harder to regulate the temperature.

3. Material is Deteriorating

Often, spa covers tend to rip and deteriorate over time if not properly maintained or cared for. A damaged cover won’t work as well and opens the door to moisture buildup and bacteria growth, so you would be better off with a new one!

If the material of the cover is ripped, torn, flaking off, or simply appears dingy and old, it might be time to visit Eden Spas in Prince George to discuss getting a new one.

How Often Do Covers Need to be Replaced?

How often your spa cover should be replaced depends on several factors.

The quality of your hot tub cover can greatly affect how often it needs to be replaced. If you skimp on costs upfront and purchase a low-quality hot tub cover, it may seem like a good idea at the time to save money, but it can actually end up costing you in the long run. A low-quality cover may only offer you a few measly years of service, if not less.

The environmental conditions and weathering around your hot tub should also be taken into account. It is only natural for hot tub covers to deteriorate over time, but this time can lessen if you live in an area that gets lots of snow, sun, or frequent wind and storms.

The last factor is simply how you use the cover and maintain it. If you only clean it several times a year, if that, you shouldn’t expect to get more than a few good years of use from it, if not less. Cleaning the cover at least once a month with cleaners, and weekly with a hose, is highly recommended to enhance longevity.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub Cover

It is possible to increase the health and lifespan of a hot tub cover by keeping it clean and rinsing it frequently. Take good care of your hot tub cover, and be sure to avoid washing it really aggressively, by using chemicals that are not normally approved for hot tub or pool use, such as automotive cleaners or certain types of bleach.

Eden Spas is your go-to resource for all things hot tubs and related accessories. If you are looking for additional tips, information, and advice concerning the maintenance of your hot tub cover, feel free to get in touch with the team at Eden Spas. We have a wide selection of hot tub covers for sale in Prince George, along with the right cleaners and maintenance products.

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