Top 4 Hot Tub Safety Tips You Should Know

A hot tub can prove to be a wonderful addition to just about any home or lifestyle! What better way to bring your backyard to life and turn it into a powerhouse of fun, leisure, wellness, and even relaxation? Having said that, it is important to be conscientious and aware of recommended safety measures around your hot tub, for your sake and for your family.

Enjoy a better hot tub experience by making it much safer with these tips and tricks!

How Long to Stay Inside the Water?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked about hot tubs: how long should you stay inside a hot tub? Well, the answer might vary depending on a broad number of factors. It’s important to account for the age and health of the hot tub user. Adults will be able to bathe longer than seniors or children in most cases, but it’s often a matter of circumstances as well. The weather and the climate can also impact how long you should stay inside the water in one sitting.

As a general rule of thumb, children above the age of ten shouldn’t stay inside the water for more than ten to 15 minutes at a time, and adults should not exceed 30 minutes at a time. Even if you feel comfortable, you should exit the hot tub for 15 minutes, get a drink of water or something to eat, take a break, and then re-enter the spa.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Spa

Keeping your spa water clean can help prevent a broad range of issues. This includes the formation of unhealthy mold and bacteria, along with the build-up of contaminants such as insects, oils, leaves, dirt, or chemicals, that might affect the quality of your water.

Implementing a routine hot tub cleaning schedule can help to ensure that you’re always on top of the sanitation of your spa and putting the health of users first. Always make sure to check your filters and test your water’s chemistry frequently to account for acidity (pH) as well as hardness (calcium) and drain it three to four times a year.

If you aren’t sure where to start with cleaning your hot tub, request a spa service appointment with Eden Spas today.

Backyard Rules

Having a set of rules in place can help you take control of your backyard space and enforce some safety regulations for your family and children. You can set some time limits for relaxing in the hot tub, as well as define any off-limits backyard areas where you don’t want your kids to play in or explore. For example, a shed with tools or any areas where it might be dangerous for children.

Some backyard rules could include:

  • No running
  • No yelling
  • Be respectful
  • Clean up your items
  • No splashing in the water

As they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A Clean Backyard is a Safe Backyard

Keeping your backyard clean is the best first step towards fostering a much safer environment. By decluttering your space, you will eliminate obstructions, obstacles, and potentially dangerous elements. Not to mention, chances are it will look much better, too!

If you are looking for more tips, information, and advice, feel free to contact us at Eden Spas, your leading spa service provider in Prince George, British Columbia.

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