Top 30 Swimming Pool Accessories for Fun, Function & More!

No matter what your day brings, relaxing at the pool is always a refreshing way to unwind and recharge. When you’re busy with errands, stuck in the office, or sitting in traffic, you can look forward to escaping it all for a little slice of paradise in your own backyard with a pool and accessories to amp up your experience.

In a way, a pool by itself is really just a large container of water. You need the proper pool accessories and equipment to make your pool experience truly vacation-worthy and to get the most out of your outdoor investment. Plus, you’ll need tools to keep maintenance easy and to make sure your pool lasts for as long as possible.

Some of our favorite types of pool accessories are mandatory for maintaining a clean and efficient running pool, but others are just for fun! Don’t let another pool season pass by without everything you need to get the most out of your backyard and private oasis.

Now let’s dive into the deep end of the pool accessories market and highlight our top 30 favorites. There are dozens and dozens of options out there, but with our curated list, you can skip all that extra research time and spend a little extra time swimming, floating, and lounging the way you want to. Optimal backyard leisure awaits!

Swimming Pool Accessories for Your Enjoyment

Fun in the sun is best with the enjoyment essentials to make your pool days comfortable, entertaining, and exciting for you and all your family and friends! As you know, there’s a lot more to using your pool than simply swimming. Make a splash with our favorite fun accessories and savor the experience of enjoyable pool time.

1. Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Bring your tunes to the pool party with a water-friendly speaker system. From small handheld speakers you can swim around with, to large speakers that can be heard throughout the entire yard, there’s an option for everyone.

2. Portable Fan – Stay cool in and out of the water with small, portable fans to clip onto other pool accessories or hold in your hand. Choose a rechargeable option so you can always have it ready on a hot day without the hassle and expense of batteries.

3. Noodles – A classic pool staple, noodles are fun for swimmers and loungers of all ages! They can be used for children just learning how to swim, for casual loungers who want to be in the water without having to tread, and even for kids who want to have safe “noodle fights” in the water.

4. Boogie Boards – These aren’t just for the ocean! Boogie boards are fun for practicing balancing or swimming laps with a little help. Perfect for kids and adults alike, they are a pool essential everyone will love.

5. Insta-Worthy Pool Floats – You’ve probably seen them plastered all over social media, and they’re popular for good reason – they are so fun! Pool floats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose one shaped like a unicorn, donut, avocado, peacock, or just striped if you prefer a classy look. No matter what style you choose, it will add a splash of personality to your outdoor experience and give you a comfortable way to enjoy the pool without getting too wet if that’s what you’re looking for.

6. Floating Drink & Food Tray – With these nifty gadgets, you can savor scrumptious snacks and sip refreshing drinks without getting chlorine in your food or food in your pool! After all, swimming can make you hungry – be prepared with snack options for your whole crew.

7. Toys for Kids – Eden Spas offers a myriad of colorful toys for kids that will entertain them all day. Delight them during evening swims with LED light-up ducks or sinking jellyfish for a diving game of hide-and-seek in the water.

8. Games – Did you know that Uno comes in a floatable, pool-friendly version? It’s true! Many of your favorite yard, card, or board games likely come in a floatable, waterproof version. There are also mini floating basketball hoops, small putting greens for the water, and volleyball nets. These are especially fun for those pool parties you plan to throw for summer holidays and long weekends.

9. Inflatable Water Slide – If you want to be the most popular yard in the neighborhood, make your pool feel like a water park with an inflatable water slide! They come in a variety of sizes so you can choose which will fit your specific pool size.

10. Floating Wine Glasses – Sip your adult beverages in style with conversation pieces like floating wine glasses. “Cheers” to fabulous summer days in the water with good friends!

Functional Swimming Pool Accessories

Along with the fun and funky pool accessories to add something fancy to your pool days, functional products for practical solutions are just as important. Make your life easier and your pool sessions smoother with everything you need for a complete pool experience at home.

1. Floating or Underwater Lights – Night swims are possible and atmospheric with twinkling lights dancing off the water or a warm glow coming from underwater. Equally practical and pretty, this is an easy way to make your backyard feel like a luxury resort!

2. Solar Cover – Keep your pool warm overnight or take advantage of the hot sun with this easy solution for maintaining heated pool water that’s less expensive than always running your heater.

3. Floating Thermometer – Learn what temperature you prefer in your pool and monitor changes so you can keep the water feeling comfortable, no matter what the weather is like with a handy floating thermometer.

4. Heater – One of the most worthwhile investments you can make besides your pool itself, is a high-quality heater to warm the water and make it usable all summer long. You’ll be especially glad to have it when air temperatures dip a little lower. A good heater can even extend your pool season by a few weeks to allow you to get more use out of your pool.

5. Safety Gate – A must for any family with kids or pets, a safety gate is imperative to keeping your pool area safe and stress-free. Close the pool at the end of the day with confidence that your whole family will remain safe no matter what.

6. Towel Rack or Caddy – Avoid tracking water and grass into your home by keeping all the supplies you’ll need organized and at your fingertips. Place a towel rack or caddy on your pool deck or even near your garage for a quick way to dry off and clean up before you head back inside.

7. Adjustable Umbrella – Along with a good sunscreen, umbrellas can be one of the most effective ways to keep your skin safe from the sun! Plus, shade is nice for reading a book poolside or staying cool when you don’t feel like taking a dip. Choose one with a heavy, secure base and an adjustable arm to get the most out of your purchase.

8. Poolside or Floating Lounge Chairs – Choose a style that matches your backyard aesthetic and enjoy lounging on comfortable chairs around the pool. For a luxurious experience, choose floating chairs or an option that sits half in the water and half out.

9. Waterproof Phone Case – This small investment could save you hundreds of dollars! Protect your phone from water damage and use it by the pool with complete peace of mind.

10. Insect Repellant – Keep critters away from your pool with some kind of anti-bug system. Choose from fans, deck candles, or ultrasonic floating gadgets that will help keep your pool pest-free.

Swimming Pool Accessories to Help Keep Your Water Clean

Though not quite as fun to shop for as pool floats and games, cleaning accessories are very important and will make your pool maintenance chores a breeze – no pool boy required! No one wants to swim or lay by a dirty pool, so keep it pristine to fully enjoy the backyard pool experience. Keep your water crystal clear and your pool in great condition and lasting for many years with these helpful tools.

1. Test Kits – Stay informed about the health and safety of your water quality at all times with test kits to check pH levels and chlorine levels. By checking your water content frequently, you’ll know you’re only swimming in water suitable for optimal health.

2. Vacuum – Get an all-in-one solution to clean debris off the bottom of your pool with a simple-to-use vacuum with built-in skimmer, brush, and wall mount for easy storage.

3. Water Clarifier – This helpful solution causes small debris to stick together and form larger particles that you can simply skim from your water. Without a good water clarifier, debris can build up and create a worse problem for you down the road.

4. Algaecide – Stop the growth of nasty algae before it even starts with a good algaecide solution! Don’t risk letting your water turn green – stop the problem before it even happens with the proactive use of algaecide.

5. Sanitizer – When storms come during the summer, rain, dust, and other particles can travel through the air and get into your water. Keep your pool pristine with the use of a sanitizer that kills bacteria and stops the growth of harmful viruses.

6. Shock – Keep your chlorine balanced and bacteria away from your water with a high-quality pool shock.

7. pH Increaser & pH Decreaser – Easily add pH to your water or reduce pH to keep your pool water at the perfect pH levels. Eden Spas offers helpful and intuitive products that help you get the job done quickly. Keep both solutions on hand so you can adjust as needed, throughout the summer.

8. Alkalinity Increaser & Alkalinity Decreaser – Keep your pool sodium levels at an optimal place with alkalinity adjustments. Using a solution for this takes the guesswork out of it for you.

9. Calcium Hardness Increaser or Reducer – Use a water clarifier, flocculant, or calcium increaser or decreaser to keep your pool water not too soft and not too hard. Keeping these levels balanced is important for preventing your pool water from becoming corrosive or scaling.

10. Net or Skimmer – You never know when you’ll need to scoop something out of your water. From frogs and bugs to the sunglasses you accidentally dropped in, keep a net or skimmer handy to rescue belongings or critters from the pool.

Dive Into the Deep End, Well Prepared!

Did you find this list of pool must-haves helpful? Are you already looking forward to an enhanced poolside experience? Our pool experts at Eden Spas are full of helpful information on making your backyard oasis the leisure destination of your dreams.

Check out our other online resources for additional information on making the most of your swimming pool experience or customize your backyard further with help from one of our outdoor space design experts.

Our friendly staff is always happy to help you choose the right pool accessories and yard outfittings for the result you’re looking for. It’s important to us that you feel good about your investment and that every pool day is better than the last!

You and your family deserve the best outdoor experience at home, which undoubtedly includes the right set of swimming pool accessories. Contact us today for help.

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