Closing Your Pool For The Winter in Prince George – 5 Simple Steps

Some can keep using their pools during the winter, perhaps because they live in warmer climates. However, some of us need to close our beloved pool for the colder seasons at some point. Closing your pool properly can help ensure that the quality, performance and safety is properly maintained. So, you can enjoy your pool for many years to come!

Read on to find out more about how to close your pool safely, to face the harshest winter days with no particular issue!

5 Simple Steps to Closing Your Pool

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to drain the water from the pool.
  2. Once the water has been completely drained or has remained below safe standards, you can install freeze plugs and other forms of protection needed to preserve your pool against the harsh climate of winter.
  3. Before you do that, however, you might want to take some extra time to clean your pool before you tuck it away. Debris left to rest in your pool for months on end could cause damage, discoloration, and other unpleasant outcomes. A clean swimming pool is always going to be safer and healthier!
  4. Remember to close your filter pump as well, and to properly store any additional equipment you might have!
  5. Check the PH level – In certain situations, the PH level of the water might actually damage your pool, if there is any residual water left. Some pool owners love to check their PH level and restore it to optimal settings before they close their swimming pools for the winter.

It is important to understand that extreme weathering could damage your pool. Products such as swimming pool anti-freeze can really help you preserve the great conditions of your pool.

Ensuring Year-Round Backyard Safety

As always, safety around the swimming pool is very, very important. It is vital to secure the pool area during the winter, especially if you have children or pets hanging around! If needed, you can even fence off the area surrounding the pool, or cover it all up with a sturdy cover, to avoid anything (or anyone) from falling inside or slipping on the ice.

Winter Pool Accessories

There are many useful pool accessories that could greatly help you protect your pool and preserve its state throughout the winter. Freeze plugs and anti-freeze products can help you avoid cracks in the finish, deformations, discolorations, or any other issues that might stem from cold water and ice.

It’s very important to use pool-specific anti-freeze and avoid using other kinds, such as automotive anti-freeze, which might damage your pool.

Contact our experts at Eden Spas to learn more about certain products that can help maintain the quality and performance of your pool!

Cover materials might also come in handy for safety and pool storage! In some environments, mold, algae, and other pests might affect your pool. You can easily fix this problem by purchasing algaecides or other substances that are meant to prevent such issues!

Pool Closing in Prince George

Closing your pool for the winter in Prince George is a crucial step in maintaining its quality, performance, and safety for years to come. By following the 5 simple steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your pool is properly protected against the harsh winter weather.

Remember to clean your pool, check the PH level, install freeze plugs, and use pool-specific anti-freeze to prevent any potential damage.

Additionally, don’t forget about backyard safety and the use of winter pool accessories to further protect your pool during the colder months.

Take the necessary steps to close your pool properly this winter and enjoy a worry-free swimming season next year.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pool, feel free to get in touch with our experts at Eden Spas in Prince George, BC. We would be happy to assist you!

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