6 Things To Do While Waiting For Hot Tub Delivery

If you’re on the list for a spa, you may be wondering how you’ll pass the time while you wait.

We know, waiting for hot tub delivery isn’t much fun — but you can fill your time pleasurably by preparing for your future installation.

If you have everything you’ll need ahead of time, you’ll be able to enjoy your spa to the fullest once it arrives. Here are some handy and fun accessories to shop for and keep you busy while waiting for your hot tub delivery.

We promise it will be well worth the wait.

1. Find Matching Hot Tub Steps

Steps are a must-have for any spa. It makes entering and exiting your spa safe and convenient for all. They are especially handy for seniors, people with mobility issues, and anyone who is below average height.

Not only are non-slip steps essential for safety, but they can also enhance the overall appearance of your hot tub installation! At Eden Spas, we offer a wide selection of hot tub steps for sale in a variety of colours and styles, so you can match to your spa.

2. Protect with a Cover and Cover Lifter

A hot tub cover and cover lifter can make spa ownership that much easier.

Not only does the cover protect your spa from Mother Nature, but it can also help to retain and regulate water temperature while creating a safer environment by preventing children or pets from accessing the water.

A lifter makes lifting and lowering the cover a much simpler process and saves you from hurting your back.

3. Ease Stress with Aromatherapy Products

Hot tubs and spas are synonymous with relaxation. Further your stress relief with the help of aromatherapy products.

Available in various forms, from salts and liquids to “bath bomb” style pods, you can add the scent of your choice to create an even more invigorating and rejuvenating spa experience.

4. Buy a Warm Robe

If you’re planning to use your spa in the cool weather or even evenings and early mornings in the summer, having a nice thick robe for your trips to and from the spa is essential.

If you want to stay warm year-round, a plush robe in velour or velvet is a great choice and can be used in the house as well.

5. Invest in Towels and a Towel Warmer

Not into bathrobes? You can keep equally toasty with some thick towels and a towel warmer. Ideal for chilly days, a towel warmer can heat up to 120° F.

In fact, thick, high-quality cotton towels feel downright luxurious when warmed. For full coverage, opt for large bath sheets rather than standard towels.

6. Need a New Bathing Suit?

While you likely have one bathing suit, you may want to consider adding a few more suits or trunks to your collection.

If you plan to use your spa every day, having three or four suits will come in handy and keep you from having to do laundry just so you can use your spa.

Shopping for bathing suits has never been so easy, either. Hop online, order from your favourite store, and wait for your package to arrive at your door.

Hot Tub Delivery with Eden Spas

If you’re new to hot tub ownership, Eden Spas can help. Contact or visit our Prince George showroom to check out the spas we have in stock or to shop for hot tub accessories.

From hot tub parts to hot tub covers, we have everything you need in-store to make spa ownership a breeze.

Not sure what you’re looking for? One of our experts would be happy to help.

We can arrange for seamless hot tub delivery, help you find the perfect spa and maintain it for many enjoyable years to come!

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