5 Safety Pool Accessories Every Swimming Pool Should Have

Owning a pool is right on top of many people’s lists when they start planning their dream home.

If your luxury swimming pool installation is going to be enjoyed to the absolute maximum, you must ensure that it is both safe and functional for everyone to enjoy.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the most essential safety pool accessories that every pool should have.

1. Storage Area for Water Care Products

The first thing that can benefit you is knowing that pool chemicals and water care accessories should be stored in a safe and controlled environment.

We highly recommend keeping these key maintenance items stored on middle and higher shelves in a shed, storage container, or garage. Keeping them stored out of the reach of children, pets and wildlife can go a long way towards preventing unnecessary accidents.

2. Pool Fence

One of the most common and safer defenses is having a strong, sturdy fence that can be locked or made childproof. An isolation fence surrounds the body of water and cannot be easily entered.

It differs from a perimeter fence which usually is put up around the property line and does not provide much protection from the swimming pool. There are removable fences available as well, which can be put up only when the necessity of a barrier is required.

Fences can be made out of many materials, including aluminum, which is lightweight and unlikely to rust. Steel is another viable option but is much heavier and therefore even stronger than aluminum. Wood fences are a cheaper option but require more upkeep such as yearly painting to prevent decomposition.

Vinyl fences are an excellent, affordable method of protecting your swimming pool from intrusion and can be quite attractive due to the extensive variety of colors and styles.

3. First Aid Kit

If there is an accident by the pool and somebody is hurt, a first aid kit may come in handy.

Regardless if it is a wrap for a hurt ankle or gauze and tape for a wound, you should keep your first aid kit in a place that is safe and accessible to everyone.

Ensure that all swimmers and guests know where the first aid kit is located in case it is needed in a hurry.

4. Floatation Devices

If there are swimmers in your pool who are learning how to swim or aren’t very strong, having a floatation device available can be quite helpful to them, especially when reducing the risk of an emergency.

Have a few floatation devices floating around the pool, including boogie boards, noodles, and loungers, just in case one of your swimmers needs a small break to catch their breath.

You may also want to consider having an emergency ring tied to a rope, in case someone is having trouble swimming and you aren’t in the pool to assist. Simply toss them the device tied to the rope so that they can hang on, while you tow them to the wall or stairs.

5. CPR Training

Although this is not an accessory, if you own a swimming pool it may be wise to take a local CPR training course.

This can help to ensure that you are up-to-date on the latest in first aid and CPR practices if ever there was an instance where the training was needed in an emergency.

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For more information about water safety and owning a swimming pool, please check out our blog or come see us here at Eden Spas located in Prince George, where we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your pool and how to keep your family safe.

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