Tips for Moving a Hot Tub

In any case, moving can be a stressful and exhausting experience. Even more reason to bring your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub with you once you’ve moved. You’re going to need an outlet to relax and rejuvenate once you’re all moved in! Not to mention for years to come, too. Above-ground hot tubs are easier to move than ones that are built-in, although both are possible. If your hot tub is built-in, you may require the assistance of a professional to remove it safely and properly.

Let’s look at the basic steps to take when moving your hot tub!

Preparing and Cleaning Your Spa to Move

First, you need to completely disconnect and drain your hot tub. Start by unplugging and disconnecting all electrical currents, gas lines, and any other hookups. Then, unplug and drain your spa. After your spa has drained, you might want to take advantage of this opportunity to clean it completely. Ensure that your system has completely drained and dried before moving to the next step.

Next, carefully remove and wrap all cords so that they don’t get damaged or get in the way. Store them safely in a wooden box or container. Check the hot tub motor and ensure that it’s safely secured and in place, to prevent any damage while moving your spa. If your hot tub cover or lift is attached to the model, take this time to remove them and properly secure them separately. This can help to prevent any damage and makes the moving process easier. Keep all screws together and stored safely so that you can reattach the cover and lift later.

Moving Your Hot Tub to a New Location

You will need roughly four to eight people to move your hot tub safely. Having enough people is important for the safety of your movers and to reduce any damage to your spa. Have your movers spread out around your hot tub evenly, and slowly move it onto its side. Use one or multiple dollies to move your hot tub safely. Use an appliance dolly with two straps if you’re going to be climbing any stairs. Make sure your pathway is clear and lay down plywood on grass so that your wheels don’t get stuck.

You will need the use of a ramp or power tailgate to get the hot tub into the truck or trailer. Carefully secure the hot tub on the flatbed right side up. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, repeat the process in reverse. Carefully set your hot tub in place and reattach all covers, lifts, and cables. Finally, you can refill your hot tub and enjoy!

Your New Backyard Hot Tub Installation

Moving into a new home provides you with the opportunity to plan an entirely new hot tub installation. You can transform just about any room or backyard into your own personal getaway. Create an in-depth plan for your installation before your hot tub arrives, so every step can be executed perfectly. You can use a variety of accessories, patio furniture, landscaping techniques, and flowers to complete your installation!

For more information about planning a hot tub installation or moving your hot tub, contact us today! Our team of hot tub experts at Eden Spas in Prince George, BC are more than happy to help!

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