The Proper Way to Close a Swimming Pool for Winter

Closing a pool for the winter is a necessary step in ensuring the longevity of your pool so it lasts for many years without damage. Because winter presents harsh elements and potential below freezing temperatures, the importance of closing a pool for winter cannot be stressed enough.

Unfortunately, the process can be a little strenuous, but with the right preparation, you can close your pool simply and effectively.

Things to Consider Before Closing Your Pool

Before beginning to close your pool, you need to consider the pool-related items you may have accumulated in the past year. Many people forget about floats, pool noodles, and water toys when closing their pool for the first time, but these items can suffer damage from the winter months just like the pool itself.

You will need to dry out all of these items, and then find a good place to store them for the winter. Preferable places to store these items include a garage or shed, but if those options aren’t available to you, you can always store them in a covered area, where they aren’t exposed to the elements as much.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The first step in closing a pool is making sure that you have all the necessary equipment to start. No one likes running to the store in the middle of a chore after all! You will need a pool brush, pool skimmer, and pool vacuum. In addition to these tools, you will need pool cleaners and a pool cover.

Step 2: Clean the Swimming Pool

Whether you have an in-ground swimming pool or an above-ground swimming pool, you will need to clean your pool thoroughly. Start by skimming any surface debris, then move on to scrubbing the pool’s walls. If you have an above-ground pool with soft walls, there is no need to scrub the walls.

In fact, scrubbing this type of above-ground pool may puncture the walls. After scrubbing, run a pool vacuum until all the dirt on the bottom of your pool is gone.

Step 3: Add a Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaner will keep your swimming pool from growing algae during the winter. Follow the instructions on your particular pool cleaner so that it can do its job effectively. Most pool cleaners require that your pool has proper levels of pH and chlorine for them to work, so before using a pool cleaner, check each of their levels.

Step 4: Cover the Pool

If you’re a long-time pool owner, you most likely have a pool cover to use. This is an important step in maintaining your pool’s health throughout the winter. A pool cover will stop debris from getting into your pool and also keep people safe who enters your yard.

For above-ground swimming pools, you may use a large tarp to cover the surface.

More Pool Closing Tips in Prince George, B.C.

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