Quick DIY Projects for Your Hot Tub

Having invested in a new Jacuzzi® hot tub, you’re sure to enjoy soaking in it from day one. As exciting as your new hot tub may be, you may want to personalize it over time. Below are a few quick DIY hot tub projects to consider.

DIY Hot Tub Steps
Getting into and out of your hot tub safely is essential, making DIY hot tub steps one of the first DIY hot tub projects you might want to tackle. If you’re handy with tools, a quick trip to the local lumberyard and a few hours of work can lead to beautiful, functional hot tub steps. We found DIY hot tub steps instructions on HubPages.

DIY Hot Tub Canopy
One of the most popular hot tub projects is a gazebo, but gazebos require a lot of work. A simple DIY hot tub canopy can provide both the ambiance and shade of a gazebo for a fraction of the cost and effort. Check out the “easy canopy” project featured on ThisOldHouse.com. Though billed as an outdoor dining project, you could easily use this idea as a DIY hot tub canopy project.

DIY Hot Tub Cover
DoItYourself.com has a 7-step DIY hot tub cover project that’s worth a look at if you’re on a budget and want to make your own hot tub cover. This project is easier if your hot tub is square or rectangular shaped as it requires plywood trimmed to size. If you have a round hot tub, plywood circles and tabletops may be an option. A potential downside to making your hot tub cover compared to buying one from your Eden Spa hot tub dealer would be weight. Plywood hot tub covers can be heavy and difficult to move compared to our Jacuzzi hot tub covers. It also might not be as energy-efficient.

DIY Hot Tub Bench
DIY Network has instructions for making a hot tub bench as part of a larger hot tub deck. We like this idea because seating is always welcome when enjoying your outdoor living spaces. A bench can also double as a place to stash towels and a change of clothes in a pinch.

DIY Hot Tub Speakers
Who doesn’t want a sound system for hot tubs? While we highly recommend Jacuzzi’s marine-grade sound systems, a DIY hot tub speaker project such as the one found on Leah and Joe: Home DIY Projects & Crafts’ blog is a viable option for adding speakers to the area near your hot tub.

These DIY hot tub projects can add value to your hot tubbing experience, especially if you have basic handyman skills. If you’d rather let the hot tub professionals accessorize your hot tub, Eden Spas can help. We have hot tub steps, gazebos, hot tub covers, and hot tub speakers — and the expertise to do the job correctly.

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