If you’re like me, you might be closer to the redneck end of the social spectrum than the “granola munching yogi” end of the spectrum. Don’t get me wrong, I love everyone the same (except Don Cherry… I love him a bit more than everyone else). I also want to be open minded about how I exercise without everyone else thinking I’m open minded (there’s the redneck bit of me leaking out). This is why I choose to do yoga in the privacy of my hot tub, in the confines of my backyard.

There are a lot of benefits to doing yoga in the hot tub. It can help alleviate muscle pain, relieve headaches, strengthen the immune system and improve sleep. The warm water of a Jacuzzi can also improve your circulation and release endorphins (you know, those things that your body releases when you do “it”). If you’re really into yoga already or you’re a bit more liberated than me, Susan Atkinson has some amazing resources available that can go into much more detail and depth than I can. Find her at www.tubyoga.com.

I appreciate the privacy my hot tub provides me and I find it much more motivating to exercise in a place I’m very comfortable with. I love knowing that no one can see my cottage cheese thighs or hear my donkey like gasps as I nearly expire on a very publicly positioned treadmill. Hot tub yoga has given me a low key exercise outlet that fits into my hectic work schedule as well. I don’t have to drive to a gym and I usually fall asleep easily after a session, so I can still exercise in the evening without waking at an ungodly hour to beat the morning gym crowd. I feel better about myself knowing that I’m putting in that extra effort to better myself (without having to be on a salad diet).

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