Buy A Hot Tub Get A Mini Pool For Free

Summer is the best time to have a pool. Winter is the best time to have a hot tub. Why not have both… in the same package?! At Eden Spa, we think that hot tubs are for year-round use. As the outside temperatures soar to the mid-twenties consider dropping the temperature of your Jacuzzi to 98 degrees or less (depending on how warm it is outside and how warm you want to be).

There are a few things to keep in mind when using your Jacuzzi as a pool;

1) To cool your hot tub off, put it into ‘Summer Mode’ and take the cover off and leave the jets running. This will help to more quickly dispel the heat. Doing this in the evening is best, as the air temperature is cooler.

2) Water heats more slowly than the outside air, so your insulated spa will maintain its lower temperature from the evening to the following day. And unlike an underground pool, your Jacuzzi will not absorb the heat from the surrounding concrete because it is protected by its insulation.

3) The worst thing you can do in the summer is draining your hot tub or turn off your filter and pump completely. Keeping the water in the Jacuzzi keeps the seals moist and prevents cracking. By keeping the pump and filter activated, you’re helping keep your pipes in better shape and your water clear. Standing water in pipes can cause them to corrode.

4) If you’re going to have kids in and around your hot tub in the summer, make sure there’s appropriate supervision and that everyone knows the safety rules.

In short, turning your hot tub into a mini pool for the summer months is the smartest (and one of the most fun) things to do!

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