4 Best Backyard Gazebo Installation Ideas You’ll Love

Have you thought about installing a gazebo in your backyard? Gazebos provide a great place to relax outdoors or to entertain your friends and family.

But while a traditional gazebo can provide you with a nice outdoor area, there are other types of gazebo installation ideas that can truly transform your backyard.

Here are a few of these ideas that you’re sure to love.

1. Gazebo with a Deck

While most gazebos are placed on the ground, they don’t have to be. You can install your gazebo on top of a deck or patio in order to incorporate it into the rest of your backyard space. A model such as the Canterbury gazebo is perfect for this.

It’s a partially screened gazebo that offers privacy and protection thanks to its two louvered sides. One of the other open sides features a bar, so it’s perfect for outdoor barbeques.

You can set up your grill next to the gazebo, put some chairs and a small table under it, and have a few people sit at the bar so everyone is gathered in one area to visit while still being protected from the wind and sun.

2. Hot Tub Gazebo

Want to use your hot tub during the day, but don’t want to get sunburnt? Instead of slathering on sunscreen, why not put your hot tub under a gazebo? The Mt. Alta gazebo is one of many different models that works perfectly as a hot tub gazebo.

It’s screened on two sides and features a bar area like the Canterbury model does, but it also has a lovely skylight dome on top. This way, you can enjoy the cheery sunlit day without it burning you. The louvers can be adjusted so you can have two sides of the gazebo completely closed if you want your privacy.

3. Create an Outdoor Great Room

A screened gazebo such as the Victoria model is perfect for creating an outdoor living area or great room. You can furnish the area with outdoor patio furniture, place some potted plants around it to add some colour, and even put an outdoor fireplace near one side to help take the chill out of the air at night.

Add some hanging lights and you’ve got a great place to entertain or simply relax outdoors. Close the screens if you want some privacy or if the insects are getting too annoying.

4. Build the Perfect Poolside Space

Want to relax by the pool but want to be out of the sun? The Lugano model, which is more like a pergola than a traditional gazebo, can be the perfect addition to the space. You can hang a hammock or swing bed from it, giving you a great view of the pool while you relax in total comfort.

String lights around the area and it becomes an amazingly romantic space at night, that’s perfect for cuddling with your special someone.

Best Gazebos at Eden Spas

There are just a few unique gazebo installation ideas that can transform your backyard space. Which one is the perfect fit for your home?

Visit our team of backyard leisure specialists at Eden Spas in Prince George today for more information.

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