Spring Cleaning Your Pool & Backyard Living Space – 7 Tips

As the snow melts and the sun continues to shine, it’s becomes very clear that spring is on its way!

As it begins to warm up outside, many homeowners are eager to make the most of their backyard living space with some spring cleaning.

But first, you must give your backyard the TLC it deserves and bring it back to life, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the steps to spring clean your backyard living space, spa and swimming pool area.

1. Remove Debris

Most backyard spaces go unused during the late fall and winter months. Due to the inactivity, it’s very likely that your outdoor space will accumulate some debris. Start spring cleaning your outdoor space by taking a walk around the property and taking note of what needs to be cleaned.

Grab a pair of gloves, brown bag for outdoor waste, and garbage bin for debris, then head outside to get started. Use a rake to gather leaves and other natural debris and dispose of in your brown bag. With gloves on, gather any garbage or man-made debris and dispose in the garbage bin.

2. Clean Furniture

Any furniture that was left outside or stored during the winter will need a thorough inspection and cleaning. First check to ensure that the furniture is still in good condition and doesn’t require a replacement, upgrade or repair. Afterwards, use soap, water and a rag to wash away any dirt so that you can use and enjoy. For tougher messes, you may want to use a power washer to really wash away dirt and grime.

3. Power Wash Surfaces

Speaking of power washing, nothing brightens up an outdoor living space quite like a power washer does. Take some time to power wash walkways, patios, deck areas, and even the siding of your home. As the dirt that has accumulated over the fall and winter seasons is washed away, you will see the exterior of your home shine in a whole new light.

4. Exterior Lighting

Believe it or not, the lighting installed outside of your home might need a little TLC as well. Give your outdoor lights a good wipe down and also test to ensure that they are all working properly. This is a great opportunity to replace, upgrade or repair any fixtures that are outdated, broken or damaged.

If your outdoor living space lacks illumination once the sun goes down, this is a great time to add light where it’s needed most. This could include your deck and/or patio area, stairs, walkways, swimming pool and/or hot tub area, and even garden spaces.

5. Gardening

Now that your backyard is clean, functional and safe, it’s time to add a little colour and character! Focus on your landscape and garden areas next. Think about the flow and function of your backyard space. Could your swimming pool benefit from nearby flower gardens or a stone pathway to and from the house?

Could your grass be greener and perhaps a little less sparse? Or maybe your existing patio was a little limiting last year and could benefit from an expansion. No matter your needs or wants, taking some time to improve the landscaping in your backyard living space can really transform the area.

6. Cleaning Your Swimming Pool and Spa Area

Most of our customers can agree, their pool and spa area is the focal point and main attraction of their backyard space. Bringing these spaces back to life really depends on how they were used and/or stored throughout the winter.

Most hot tubs and swim spas remain in use throughout the winter months. This is often a great time to drain and clean your spa, to give the insides a refresh and reset. We also suggest giving the shell and exterior a good cleaning with a power washer.

Make your swim spa or hot tub cover shine with water and cover cleaner, finishing it off with a cover protector to keep it functional for many more spa sessions.

Opening your swimming pool may require a little more work as pools are generally closed down for the season. The next steps will help you open your pool and get the area ready for use:

  • Clean, remove and store winter pool cover
  • Clean and bring out regular pool cover from storage
  • Remove winter pool plugs and ice compensators
  • Add water to the swimming pool
  • Re-install your deck equipment
  • Set up the pump, filter, and other essential equipment
  • Turn on your filter and pump
  • Clean the interior and exterior of the pool
  • Add water care products and chemicals
  • Shock your pool

Once your pool is open and the spa is cleaned up, you can enjoy it!

With most modern hot tubs, you will have the opportunity to monitor and maintain the water with help from technology. With Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, you can make the most of the SmartTub™ System!

7. Accessorize

Now that your backyard is clean, functional, and ready to enjoy, it’s time for the finishing touches. The right accessories can really pull your backyard living space together. Start with new couch cushions and throw pillows to add comfort and style to your lounge areas.

You may want to splurge and invest in a fire feature or two, such as a fire pit, fire table, or BBQ. These fire features will help to transform your lounge area into the perfect and versatile space that is great for summer gatherings and cozy nights in.

Other accessories you may want to consider picking up can include potted plants, outdoor candles, tiki torches, garden lighting, side tables, a towel rack, and even some wooden décor or signs. With the right design and furnishings, you can truly make this space your own.

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