How To Throw The BEST Hot Tub Party

Having a hot tub party can be the highlight of the summer if you do it right. Here are a few tips to ensuring you have the most memorable, successful event possible.

1) Consider making it a themed party.
While a theme isn’t necessary, it can often take a party to the next level. There are lots of themes you could choose from, some being more floating-poker-table obvious than others. Consider a beach theme, a luau theme, or maybe a July 1st theme. Other, less obvious options could be; 70s, a bocce ball tournament, or a poker theme (think plastic playing cards and keep in mind poker chips float). If you want your guests to dress up, stating it very clearly in the invitation is recommended so no one shows up feeling awkward. Nothing is more embarrassing than being the only person not in a costume (or being the only one IN a costume!).

2) Consider your guest list
Imagine how the guests you want to invite are going to feel hanging out with each other. Inviting clashing personalities to the same party can end in disaster. Invite people who will enjoy each other and who have at least a few interests in common. Also, consider how many people you’re inviting. You don’t want to overwhelm your hot tub or spend an awkward evening trying to connect people in a crowded Jacuzzi.

3) Make it obvious to bring your bathing suit!
Again, nothing is worse than being the only one (without a bathing suit… nudity can be awkward).

4) Towels
Have a clean basket of towels ready for your wet guests. Place your towels in an easy to see and reach spot close to your hot tub for the ease and comfort of your guests.

5) FOOD!!
Fire up the BBQ and make some fun finger foods! Keep in mind that while you might have a ‘no food in the tub’ policy… food will likely end up there anyway. Chips and foods that flake will make for little floaties in the tub and that’s yucky. Try to go for things like wraps, rolls, and kabobs, fresh fruit, and veggies. Heavy foods can upset guest’s stomachs and harm the tub’s filter, so keep the fare light.

6) Keep glass away from the tub
Consider using plastic cups and plates for your party as broken glass and a hot tub can be a pretty ugly combo.

7) Timing is everything
Throw your party around the same time you have to drain your hot tub. If you throw the party before you drain your hot tub, you won’t have to worry about the water chemistry getting ruined or the water becoming unsanitary since you will have to clean it soon anyway. If you pay attention to the little things, your hot tub party is sure to be a highlight of the summer, no matter the weather!

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